Company Profile and Fields of Activity

Our company under the name of Mustafa Ekşi İnşaat ve Resmi Taahhüt Firması was established in the year 1997. Our Company in parallel lines with increasing work force of continuous development and change that is going on in the construction field of the country is going forward with strong steps by renewing itself. Our company is not just pursuer of this continuous development and change at the same time its efforts on being the leading firm in its sector started to gave its results in the year of 2008 individual management has handed over all active and passive works and established Mustafa Ekşi Construction Tourism Ind. Trade Co. Ltd. and strengthen its place in the sector.
In recent years by being a part of great projects we continued on contributing to development of our company and country. Our teams who are experts on their respective fields are working for continuation of growth trend that are company is living and taking this success further.

Our Mission

We aim at carrying the growth we experienced in the Turkish construction sector into the international level to represent our country successfully and add employment and value to nations economy.

Our Vision

By keeping our most important reason for existence which is customer satisfaction in accordance with the expectations of our customers defining their needs evaluating them and to come up with a thesis is crucial. In our production not to just satisfy customer needs but to offer more to watch critical issues in our success such as construction techniques materials communication systems management and information systems to keep up with technological advancements in order to create modern and timely buildings are some of our goals.

For the continuation of this success;

To carry on the continuous improvment activities for the reason of responding quickly to changing sector demands. To encourage our suppliers and contractors for raising their quality in order to provide overall quality service. To carry our performance and competitive power to high levels.

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